Benefits and use cases

First, while planning, it directs you to concentrate on all the aspects of a good session. That includes a proper intro, goal setting, wrap-up etc.

It also helps you visualise everything you are about to do and to see whether you do have enough time for everything.

Last, but not least, it helps you insert different methods into your meeting, that will boost the engagement and also the results. You just need to open the library and add these methods into your plan.

Using Flows

Facilitator is the one who is the one who plans the session or helps to plan it. Let’s say, you are a manager and you have a service designer helping you to plan and facilitate the meeting. In that case, you both are “facilitators” in Flows’ terms. So you both need an account.

Participants on the other hand are anonymous people, who attend the meeting or any session. They don’t need an account.

No. Participants access sessions using a special link you send them. You need accounts only for people who plan and/or facilitate the meetings.

When you have planned a session and want participants to come into the session, you just need to send them a special link that opens a small window in their browser. They don’t need to log in, in fact, they don’t even need an account.

That is the maximum number of meeting participants that can simultaneously access a session planned in Flows. This is measured per meeting. So if you have two facilitator accounts and both are running parallel meetings, both of these meetings can have a maximum of ten people.

Browser support

We have done extensive testing on Chrome and Safari and these are fully supported. Edge should work 99%, but you might find some anomalies here and there.

In short – no. Since planning a session often requires seeing and entering a lot of data, we believe doing it on a small screen is just not user friendly at all. So we haven’t built a mobile version of it. There are some use cases we see, where a special mobile version (or an app) would be useful and these will be developed in the future.

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